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Revolutionize Your Chess

Revolutionize Your Chess

Ref: n1295

Product type: Printed book

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Viktor Moskalenko

Sample pages (pdf)

In this revolutionary work Viktor Moskalenko contends that "the general rules of the game have not been discovered yet." He is talking of the principles of the new dynamic chess of the computer age. Other books have examined the phenomenon of dynamic chess but, until now, there has been no attempt to systematise it's study and lay down a framework for study and improvement.

The three key elements of Moskalenko's new approach are the chess player's skills, the five touchstones and the properties of pieces, pawns and squares.

Chapter 1 of the book explains what a chess player's skills are and how to improve them. This includes both at-the-board and personal skills.
Chapter 2 introduces the Five Touchstones of dynamic chess and their relative importance in different stages of the game. It is the touchstones which help a player make an assessment of any position and decide on the best way forward.
Chapter 3 explains the properties of pieces, pawns and squares in endgame situations where they can be seen in action most clearly.
Chapter 4 illustrates Moskalenko's new thory in action with practical examples taken from every stage of the game.

This book represents a breakthrough in chess teaching by Former Ukrainian Champion and experienced chess coach Grandmaster Viktor Moskalenko.

Published 2009, softback, 350 pages.


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