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Reassess Your Chess Workbook

Reassess Your Chess Workbook

Ref: s8505

Product type: Printed book

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Jeremy Silman

In this follow-up to How to Reassess Your Chess, Jeremy Silman presents 131 diagrammed problems in the opening, middlegame and endgame designed to test whether your thought processes are moving along the right lines. The real key to this book, however, is in the solutions to these problems which are extremely detailed and explain the Silman thinking technique of imbalances as well as other important strategic concepts.

In short, Silman explains a method of thinking which will apply to any chess position. The introductory chapters are "Thinking Techniques" and "Imbalances: A Crash Course" and allow any reader to appreciate the Workbook without having read any of Silman's previous works.

If you liked How to Reassess Your Chess you'll love this!

Published 2001, softback, 423 pages.

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