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Rakhmanov's Secrets of Opening Preparation

Rakhmanov's Secrets of Opening Preparation

Ref: t0127

Product type: Printed book

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Aleksander Rakhmanov

Sample pages (pdf)

From the author's introduction:

I have been playing chess for 24 years. And I still enjoy it. I'm what you might call a professional player, if it means that I do this for a living. But I would rather call my approach and my attitude semi-professional. Yes, from time to time, I work on my chess, improve my play, solve problems, etc. But in terms of my understanding, these activities are far from the ideal level.

Without work on openings, one cannot go far. On the other hand, spending time on opening analyses is something that I don't enjoy. But it is a necessity. I have strengths, but to show them in a game, I have to get through the opening stage. In this book, I will show you how I deal with this.

All the opening lines in this book are taken from my own games, and I divulge what I know about them. Although it's difficult to reveal everything in this book, I don't feel obliged to hold something back for myself. I will easily find more lines to play.

Most interesting opening options are already in the public domain. There are a few players who invent something themselves, while others utilize their inventions. Therefore, if you are not an elite player, now or in the future, then why would you try to discover the continents again, if they have already been found?

I hope that some of the things written in this book will surprise you. Some of you may be surprised by the modest amount of necessary knowledge that is enough to implement an opening line. To some, my preparation will seem weak, and they will be surprised how I have gained so many points and have such a high rating. Perhaps some will think about whether it is worth spending a lot of time analyzing opening variations. While some others will realize that weak opening preparation is not, in itself, to blame for a low rating.

Published 2021, softback, 360 pages.

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