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Quality Chess Puzzle Book (Hardback Edition)

Quality Chess Puzzle Book (Hardback Edition)

Ref: q5227

Product type: Printed book

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John Shaw

Sample pages (pdf)

The vast majority of puzzles in this book were discovered by the Quality Chess editors when examining unannotated games from recent events. In addition, of the 735 puzzles in the book 700 are from the year 2000 or later, so the reader will not have seen them before in older puzzle books.

After the introduction chapters 2, 3 & 4, containing thematic puzzles, are the easiest to solve although not "easy". Chapters 5-14 deal with different scenarios such as endgames, pawn promotions and defence whilst chapter 15 "Brain Crushers" speaks for itself! These puzzles are tough and get tougher as the book goes on but all can be solved without a chess board in front of you.

John Shaw's criteria for writing the book were:
* The puzzles should be challenging but not so difficult that a chessboard is needed
* They can be solved on the train, plane or wherever you happen to be when you have a few minutes to spare
* The positions should be educational with some instructive point to the solution
* They should be fun!

John Shaw is a Scottish Grandmaster and one half of Quality Chess. He has been Scottish Champion three times.

Published 2010, hardback, 352 pages.

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