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Practical Endgame Play: Beyond The Basics

Practical Endgame Play: Beyond The Basics

Ref: p4555

Product type: Printed book

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Glenn Flear

In this heavyweight endgame guide Glenn Flear examines the type of endings likely to be reached in practical play, which are hardly ever covered in endgame manuals and which involve both sides having more than one piece each left on the board. Thus he steers clear of endings which have been heavily analysed in many previous books (e.g. rook v rook and pawn) and instead concentrates on endings such as rook and minor piece vs rook and minor piece, rook vs two minor pieces or queen and rook vs queen and rook (all with pawns). His choices are based on the frequency which certain material balances arise in practical play and all the examples he gives are taken from competitive games.

The five sections of the book are: Clear Material Advantage, Only Minor Pieces, Asymmetric Struggles (material imbalance), Rook and Minor Pieces and Heavyweight Struggles (queen & piece vs queen & piece). Throughout Flear's aim is to provide instructive examples which, after study, will help the reader in their own games.

Published 2007, softback, 543 pages.

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