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Power of Tactics Volume 1

Power of Tactics Volume 1

Ref: c9318

Product type: Printed book

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Tadej Sakelsek & Adrian Mikhalchishin

Volume 1: Tactics according to Smyslov

Sample pages (pdf)

This first book in the "Power of Tactics" series is appropriate for players with ratings up to 1800, the second book for ratings up to 2100 and the third for ratings above 2000.

There are many valuable books on tactics, and many authors have presented classifications of tactical motifs and themes. But some of them are too academic - in modern times we require a much more practical education. In this book there is a simpler model of tactics described, one according to the great former World Champion Vassily Smyslov.

This opening book in the series is divided into three parts:
1. A theoretical part where you will get to know the basics about tactical elements according to Smyslov (check, pin, double attack, unprotected piece).
2. Exercises and solutions for level 1.
3. Exercises and solutions for level 2.

The authors prepared clear nice examples plus a lot of exercises for levels up to 1500. Study, enjoy and use tactics as much as possible in your games! Combinations really are brilliant moments in a chess game.

Published 2019, softback, 272 pages.

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