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Play the London System Part 1 (video download)

Play the London System Part 1 (video download)

Ref: DVF175D

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Ron Henley

Play The London System Like Kamsky and Kramnik For The Tournament Player

The London is the new rage because it is a Legal way to cheat at chess! Why? Because, with a minimum amount of study, it is very easy system for White to play and extremely difficult to beat. Playing the correct move order, you can achieve positions that are equivalent to playing the Stonewall on steroids!

The idea is you get knights on e5 and d2 a deadly bishop on d3, aiming at the h7 square in Black's castled position, and a Queen that can go to f3, protecting e4 from Blacks Nf6, then if needed can move to h3. One plan is: White can castle preparing a timely f5 or pawn storm if Black plays h6. Also White gets a bonus as his hemmed in "bad bishop" on c1 is exchanged for Black's "good bishop" on d6 by the route Bc1-Bf4.

GM Ron W. Henley is a chess instructor, lecturer & coach. He is author of several books & over 30 DVDs.

Part 1 contents:
Early History
26 Highly Instructive Games
Caro-Kann Exchange Variation

Published 2017. Video running time: 4 hours.

Our Price:15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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