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Play The Slav

Play The Slav

Ref: p4557

Product type: Printed book

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James Vigus

The Slav has a well-deserved reputation as one of Black's strongest answers to 1.d4, and it's no coincidence that it has been used by almost all the World Champions in chess history, including Vladimir Kramnik in his match with Veselin Topalov.

In this book, James Vigus presents a comprehensive and trustworthy repertoire for Black. The emphasis is on lines which are not going to be refuted next week but do offer chances for counter-attack. He eschews the currently popular Chebanenko Slav with an early ..a6; and sticks to more main line systems.

The starting position for the repertoire is after 1.d4,d5; 2.c4,c6; and there are chapters on the Sokolov Defence, Dutch Variation, 6.Nh4, The Tolush-Geller Gambit (5.e4), Fifth Move Alternatives, the Reverse Torre, 4.Qb3 & 4.Qc2, The Argentinean Defence (3.Nc3,dxc4) and the Exchange Variation. The author outlines the main ideas for both sides and highlights the tactics to watch out for, offering alternatives for Black as often as possible to add depth to the repertoire.

This book will provide you with enough knowledge and skill to play the Slav with confidence in your own games.

Published 2008, softback, 224 pages.

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