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Play The Sicilian Kan

Play The Sicilian Kan

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Product type: Printed book

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Johan Hellsten

The Sicilian Kan arises after 1.e4,c5; 2.Nf3,e6; 3.d4,cxd4; 4.Nxd4,a6; and is a flexible line which can transpose into Scheveningen type systems or retain an independent character according to Black's wishes.

In this book Swedish Grandmaster Johan Hellsten presents a repertoire for Black based on his own preferences and focusing on fighting positions rather than extremely sharp lines which could be refuted at any time. He also offers alternatives at many stages, thus ensuring that the repertoire will last for many years to come. In ten chapters he examines White's alternatives at move 5 which are 5.Nc3, 5.Bd3, 5.c4 and other lesser played choices. Hellsten presents the repertoire using 40 annotated, key games with a large amount of written explanation of both sides' tactical and positional aims.

The Kan is relatively theory free and success is more likely to occur through the understanding of development systems and a deep study of the ideas for both sides. The book is aimed at club and tournament players who would like to make the Sicilian Kan their main defence to 1.e4.

Johan Hellsten is a Grandmaster and a former Swedish Champion who has represented his country in numerous Olympiads and team tournaments. He has enjoyed many tournament successes and has won individual gold and bronze medals at the European Team Championships. He is currently employed as the chess teacher at the Sports Federation of Chimborazo in Ecuador.

Published 2008, softback, 320 pages.

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