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Play The English

Play The English

Ref: p4545

Product type: Printed book

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Craig Pritchett

I.M. Craig Pritchett provides an active repertoire for White based on lines with an early Nf3 and d4 rather than the slower g3, d3 systems. The two main sections of the book look at Black's responses 1..e5; and 1..c5. The 1..e5; section examines both the Four Knights and Reversed Sicilian systems, as well as Black alternatives after 1.c4,e5; 2.Nc3, whilst the 1..c5; section covers the Symmetrical Four Knights, 3..d5; the Hedgehog and Indian set-ups.

Transpositions into major d pawn openings such as the Dutch, Slav, King's Indian and Queen's Gambit are not included. The repertoire is based around 30 annotated key games with summaries of best play at the end of each chapter. This is a repertoire with club players new to the English in mind or former 1.e4 players who want to play the English in an open, attacking manner.

Craig Pritchett is a Scottish International Master and is currently director of Schools Chess Development for Chess Scotland.

Published 2007, softback, 189 pages.

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