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Play The Dutch: Part 1

Play The Dutch: Part 1

Ref: c9308

Product type: Printed book

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Tibor Karolyi

Sample pages (pdf)

The Dutch Defence is currently a very popular opening, at all levels, and promises Black the chance of a fighting position against 1.d4. In this 2 volume work author Tibor Karolyi presents a repertoire for Black in the Leningrad Dutch, beginning with 1..f5; and usually (but not always) following up with 2..g6. The two books together offer a full repertoire for Black in the Leningrad Dutch.

Part 1 of the series covers all White's options after 1.d4, f5; which do not involve fianchettoing the king's bishop on g2. White has quite a few aggressive attempts, but the impression of these lines in general is that, although they can temporarily cause problems, Black has found ways to neutralise them.

Because the author recommends that Black begins with 1..f5; the first volume will also be useful for players who want to play the Stonewall, the Ilyin-Zhenevsky or the Hort systems, without transposing into the French Defence (after 1..e6;) or the Pirc Defence (after 1..g6;).

Tibor Karolyi is an International Master from Budapest who was Hungarian Champion in 1984. One of his previous books won the Guardian's Book of the Year prize in 2007. Karolyi coached Peter Leko, who improved in 4 years from promising junior to world class Grandmaster.

Published 2018, softback, 251 pages.


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