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Play The Alekhine

Play The Alekhine

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Product type: Printed book

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Valentin Bogdanov

Sample pages (pdf)

The Alekhine Defence (1.e4, Nf6;) is one of the most forcing and aggressive reply to 1.e4. Black immediately forces the pace and drags the game onto his own favoured territory. This strategy is not without risk, but those who specialize in the Alekhine find that the opening has a real practical sting and quick-strike potential.

This book is not an encyclopaedia on the Alekhine but explains the important ideas behind the defence with emphasis on the main lines and systems which have undergone development in recent years. The coverage is even-handed, with several interesting ideas considered for both sides.

Material is presented in the form of 26 extensively annotated key games in seven chapters.
1 White Does Not Play 2 e5
2 The Chase Variation
3 The Four Pawns Attack
4 The Old Main Line: 4 Nf3 Bg4
5 The New Main Line and 4th Move Alternatives
6 Exchange Variation
7 2 e5 Nd5: 3 Nc3 and Other Moves

The author, International Master Valentin Bogdanov, has a wealth of experience with the Alekhine, having played it over the course of more than three decades. Moreover, he was active in Odessa chess at the time when the Alekhine was extensively developed by a group of players including GM Semion Palatnik and three-time US Champion Lev Alburt. Thus he provides us not only with the benefit of his own accumulated wisdom, but also with insights gleaned from work with some of the greatest Alekhine devotees of all time.

Published 2009, softback, 127 pages.

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