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Play Like A Girl!

Play Like A Girl!

Ref: m7703

Product type: Printed book

In stock

Jennifer Shahade

Sample pages (pdf)

Play Like A Girl!, the first book of its kind, is a collection of tactical positions from the world's best women chessplayers. Profiled players range from Hungary's Judit Polgar, the best woman chessplayer in history, to Abby Marshall, the teenager who became the first American girl to win the Denker High School Tournament of Champions.

Each player has their own chapter, associated with a particular tactical idea, featuring around 20-30 puzzle positions based on the same theme. Each chapter also includes a photo and brief biography of the player together with an explanation of their tactical theme.

Chess lovers of all levels can enjoy the puzzles, as the difficulty goes all the way from one-move killer blows to deep, complex combinations. The crushing tactics in this book show that "playing like a girl" is something to aspire to!

When you purchase Play Like a Girl!, you're also helping charity. All author royalties go to the Tucson-based non-profit organization, 9Queens. The book is edited by two-time U.S. Women's Champion Jennifer Shahade, a co-founder of 9Queens.

Published 2011, hardback, 100 pages.


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