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Play 2..Nf6! in the Sicilian

Play 2..Nf6! in the Sicilian

Ref: a3116

Product type: Printed book

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Grigory Bogdanovich

This system (1.e4,c5; 2.Nf3,Nf6;) was first played by Nimzowitsch in 1911 but remains obscure to this day with few devotees and very little literature on the subject. International Master Grigory Bogdanovich has been playing the 2..Nf6 Sicilian for 30 years and has distilled his experience of the opening into this manual.

Using a combination of analysis, explanation and key games he offers an objective evaluation of the 2..Nf6 Sicilian. Part one of his book considers lines where White does not play 3.e5. Part two examines the tricky 3.e5, Nd5; 4.d4 system as well as Larsen's 3.e5,Nd5; 4.Nc3, e6; defence. Part three looks at the key line 3.e5,Nd5; 4.Nc3,Nxc3; whilst the concluding chapters explain how to link the opening to the middlegame and how to handle the typical pawn structures. A chapter of annotated reference games ends the book.

Published 2009, hardback, 291 pages.

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