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Play 1.e4, e5!

Play 1.e4, e5!

Ref: p4401

Product type: Printed book

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Nigel Davies

A repertoire for Black in the open games. GM Nigel Davies offers a Black repertoire after 1.e4,e5 based on sound systems of play without excessive amounts of theory to learn.

Against the main-line Ruy Lopez he recommends the Keres Defence 11..Nd7; and also advocates lines against White's alternatives such as the Worrall Attack, 9.d4, the DERLD, Exchange Variation and the centre attack. Against the Italian Game he recommends the Two Knights' Defence, you play 4..Bc5; in the Scotch Game and the Classical Defence 2..Bc5; against the King's Gambit. The book also provides options for Black against the Vienna Game, Four Knights' Game and Centre Game.

Davies uses 65 annotated key games to illustrate the repertoire with theoretical summaries at the end of each of the nine chapters. 1.e4,e5; leads to sharp, open positionswhere rapid, purposeful development is the key to success.

Nigel Davies is a Grandmaster and author of several successful chess books.

Published 2005, softback, 192 pages.

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