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Petroff: An Expert Repertoire For Black

Petroff: An Expert Repertoire For Black

Ref: x8284

Product type: Printed book

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Konstantin Sakaev

"I have endeavoured to present and explain to you all the finer points of this opening, as I understand them. In general, the critical positions have been treated thoroughly and I have also suggested and analyzed a great many new ideas in this book.
Some variations which have amassed considerable tournament practice, but which, in my view, are less principled, have been covered only briefly. Otherwise, the book would have become too big, losing its essential purpose.
Unfortunately, too many authors write chess books in that way; they offer no original analysis and often quote outdated games, some of which are very weakly played and almost useless." Konstantin Sakaev

Contents page (pdf)

This book offers a repertoire for Black against 1.e4, based on the Petroff Defence. The author recommends lines of play against all White's options, including alternatives to 2.Nf3. The book contains 29 chapters of analysis and explanation of Black's strategy. Each chapter finishes with the author's conclusions on the best ideas for both sides.

The author, Konstantin Sakaev, is a strong Grandmaster and double gold medal winner with the Russian Olympiad team.

Published 2011, softback, 292 pages.

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Chapter 19 update (pdf)

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