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Pawn Structure Chess

Pawn Structure Chess

Ref: b4070

Product type: Printed book

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Andrew Soltis

A new edition, in algebraic notation, of Soltis' 1975 classic, in which he examines a variety of major opening "families", and shows how the plans available to either side are dependent upon the pawn structure. He shows textbook examples of how to handle the pawns on either side in the Caro-Slav, Open Sicilian-English, Panov Formation, King's Indian, Queen's Gambit, French Defence, Closed Sicilian and Stonewall formations.

The author draws upon complete games (each a masterpiece of strategy) to illustrate ideas and how they have developed in master play. Includes supplemental games at the end of each chapter.

For this new edition Soltis has replaced some older games with more modern examples from today's leading players. This is a complete handbook of middlegame play and one of Soltis' best books.

Published 2013, softback, 286 pages.

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