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Panov Attack 5...e6 6.Nf3,Bb4 7.cxd5,Nxd5

Panov Attack 5...e6 6.Nf3,Bb4 7.cxd5,Nxd5

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Product type: Printed book

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Eric Schiller
Volume 2 covers 1.e4,c6; 2.d4;d5; 3.exd5,cxd5; 4.d4,Nf6; 5.Nc3,e6; 6.Nf3,Bb4; 7.cxd5,Nxd5. Part one contains about 15 annotated illustrative games from master play, part two contains about 100 reference games without notes and part three contains ECO style tables of variations with game references at the ned of each variation.
Published 1995, softback, 127 pages.


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