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Opening Repertoire: The Queen's Gambit

Opening Repertoire: The Queen's Gambit

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Damian Lemos

Grandmaster Damian Lemos presents a repertoire for White in the Queen's Gambit, one of the most famous chess openings.

Sample pages (pdf)

The Queen's Gambit enjoys a long and illustrious past. It has been played by virtually all the strongest grandmasters in the history of chess, and today it remains a popular choice for players of all levels. White's opening moves in the Queen's Gambit are built on sound strategic principles, and it can lead to positions rich in both tactical and positional play. It's a perfect opening to use in order to develop your chess understanding.

There are many defences that Black can employ against the Queen's Gambit and it's easy to become confused by the countless options for both White and Black. Lemos tackles this problem by providing a concise, easy-to-learn and practical repertoire that is suitable for players of all levels. Using illustrative games, Lemos examines the typical tactics and strategies for both sides, and highlights the key move order issues. This book tells you everything you need to know about playing the Queen's Gambit.

The repertoire recommends includes the Exchange Variation (1.d4,d5; 2.c4,e6; 3.Nc3,Nf6; 4.cxd5,) against the Orthodox Defence and also against the Slav Defence after 1.d4,d5; 2.c4,c6; 3.cxd5. The QGA is met with 3.e4 after 1.d4,d5; 2.c4,dxc4; and Lemos also shows how to combat the Tarrasch Defence, Chigorin Defence and Albin Countergambit.

* A complete repertoire with 1 d4,d5; 2.c4
* Over 50 games with grandmaster analysis
* Written by a Queen's Gambit expert

Published 2019, softback, 252 pages.

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