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Opening Repertoire: The Open Games With Black

Opening Repertoire: The Open Games With Black

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Product type: Printed book

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Martin Lokander

Sample pages (pdf)

1..e5 has always enjoyed an excellent reputation as a reliable defence against White's most popular opening choice, 1.e4. However, anyone who is primed to face the Ruy Lopez must also be prepared to face a number of White alternatives. This collection of variations make up the Open Games and include not only popular choices such as the Italian Game, Scotch Game, Bishop's Opening, King's Gambit, Vienna Game and Four Knights, but also many tricky sidelines and some wild and wacky gambits. Many of these might not be theoretically strong but can be both daunting and dangerous for the uninformed player.

In this book Martin Lokander tackles all these lines head on and presents a repertoire for Black in the Open Games. The repertoire is based largely on his experience and study in the Open Games as a player at international level, and has been tested successfully against grandmaster opposition. This book tells you everything you need to know about facing the Open Games when White avoids the Ruy Lopez.

* Essential reading for 1...e5 players
* Every opening bar the Ruy Lopez is covered
* Packed with new ideas and critical analysis

Martin Lokander is a FIDE Chess Master from Sweden with two International Master norms.

Published 2015, softback, 384 pages.

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