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Opening For White According To Anand: Vol. 7

Opening For White According To Anand: Vol. 7

Ref: x8246

Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Khalifman

Sample pages (pdf)

Book 7 in the series analyses the position after 1.e4,e6; d4,d5; 3.Nc3,Bb4; 4.e5, the Winawer Variation of the French Defence.

Variations covered include 4..b6; 4..Ne7; 4..c5; 5.a3, Ba5; and 4..c5; 5.a3,Bxc3+; 6.bxc3, with 6..Qc7; 6..Ne7; and, in both cases, White playing 7.Qg4, the critical test. After 7.Qg4; Khalifman examines both 7..Qc7; and 7..0-0.

As usual, both presentation and analysis are excellent and up-to-date and maintain the standard of this excellent series. In a "White Repertoire" series there is bound to be a certain bias, in the sense of looking for moves which may bring White an advantage, but the author's self respect and stature ensure that objectivity is maintained in the analysis.

Published 2006, softback, 280 pages.

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