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Opening For White According To Anand: Vol. 12

Opening For White According To Anand: Vol. 12

Ref: x8272

Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Khalifman

Sample pages (pdf)

Volume 12 of the series offers a repertoire for White in the Sicilian Richter-Rauzer attack (1.e4,c5; 2.Nf3,d6; 3.d4,cxd4; 4.Nxd4,Nf6; 5.Nc3,Nc6; 6.Bg5,e6; 7.Qd2) based on the praxis of 2009 World Champion Vishy Anand.

It includes the latest in-depth analysis of the main lines, with or without 7..a6; and also early deviations from the main lines.

Author GM Alexander Khalifman was the FIDE World Champion from 1999-2000 and currently runs a chess academy in St Petersburg.

Published 2009, softback, 284 pages.


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