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Opening For White According To Anand: Vol. 11

Opening For White According To Anand: Vol. 11

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Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Khalifman

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The main focus of Volume 11 of this series is the Sicilian Dragon system with 1.e5,c5; 2.Nf3,d6; 3.d4,cxd4; 4.Nxd4,Nf6; 5.Nc3,g6; 6.Be3, Bg7; 7.f3, 0-0; 8.Qd2,Nc6; 9.Bc4, which is analysed in great detail. The author also considers at Black's alternatives on move 7 and 8. Part one of the book covers the Accelerated Dragon with 1.e4,c5; 2.Nf3,Nc6; 3.d4,cxd4; 4.Nxd4,g6; 5.Nc3,Be7; 6.Be3, which can transpose into the main-line Dragon, or follow various alternative routes which Khalifman analyses here.

Khalifman believes that Black has significant problems to solve in the Dragon, in spite of Magnus Carlsen's recent adoption of it, and he points out White's most promising continuations throughout.

Alexander Khalifman is a Russian Grandmaster who was the 14th FIDE World Chess Champion and currently runs a chess academy in St Petersburg.

Published 2009, softback, 444 pages.

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