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New In Chess Yearbook 107

New In Chess Yearbook 107

Ref: n1421

Product type: Printed book

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Gennady Sosonko (Ed)

Readers from all over the world join in discussions on previous Surveys. Titled players, correspondence players and club players shed their light on opening developments and search for the truth together. The Forum has, among others, Viktor Moskalenko's analysis of the Budapest Gambit Vasily Ivanchuk played so surprisingly at the London Candidates.

In Benjamin's Opening Takes, Joel Benjamin studies pawn sacrifices by top grandmasters, and in Kuzmin's Harvest, Alexey Kuzmin takes a close look at the Candidates tournament, which will also feature in several Surveys. Youth World Champion Alexander Ipatov debuts with a Survey, and Sergey Tiviakov is back! Glenn Flear reviews The Open Spanish by Victor Mikhalevsky, The Modern Benoni by Marian Petrov, and The Perfect Pirc-Modern by Viktor Moskalenko.

Published 2013, softback, 255 pages.

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