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My System

My System

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Product type: Printed book

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Aron Nimzowitsch

Sample pages (pdf)

My System is undoubtably one of the most influential chess books of all time. It has been read by almost every leading player, even today, and contains the elements of positional play which have become second nature to them. Nimzowitsch poured the whole of his understanding of chess into this book which includes chapters on pawn chains, overprotection, the centre, doubled pawns, isolated pawns, the blockade, manoeuvring against weaknesses, positional play and more.

Unfortunately My System was written, originally, in German over 80 years ago and most English translations are dated and toned down. This new translation is more faithful to the original and conveys Nimzowitsch's ideas with greater force. Translated by Ian Adams.

Published 2007, softback, 288 pages.

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