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Most Exciting Games of 2016

Most Exciting Games of 2016

Ref: c3627

Product type: Printed book

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Arkady Naiditsch & Csaba Balogh

Sample pages (pdf)

"Most Exciting Games of 2016" is an interesting and exciting work trying to select and analyse the 50 "best games" from the last year.

Of course the choice was wide, with most of the best players in the world being very active on the chess board. The aim was to find the most interesting, spectacular and, of course, useful attacking ideas - those which might also occur in our own practical games.

The main idea behind this book remains clear: to reduce the importance of opening theory and rather get inside the workngs of the best chessplaying brains on the planet, in an attempt to explain the most complex attacking ideas in a way that is simple and understandable to any chess lover.

Published 2017, softback, 236 pages.

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