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Modernized Ruy Lopez: Volume 2

Modernized Ruy Lopez: Volume 2

Ref: t0108

Product type: Printed book

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Dariusz Swiercz

A Complete Repertoire For White

Sample pages (pdf)

The second volume of this two volume series on the Ruy Lopez consists of two parts.

The first part focuses on modern systems with ..Bc5; attempting to dissect both the Archangelsk and Moller Variations. These two variations have quite a rich history but in 2020 there have been several developments, particularly in the games of Fabiano Caruana in his encounters in the Candidates Tournament in Ekaterinburg. These led to interesting discoveries that are analyzed in this book.

The subsequent part discusses the Closed Ruy Lopez. The author suggests going for 9.h3 which usually leads to a positional battle. He also presents new trends and new paths and ideas in such evergreen variations as the Zaitsev, Breyer, Chigorin and others. Additionally, he attempts to crack the Marshall Attack by suggesting the Anti-Marshall lines with 8.a4.

Swiercz's conclusions are based on careful analysis with the most powrful engines currently available, and presented in this book.

Published 2021, softback, 336 pages.

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