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Modernized Ruy Lopez: Volume 1

Modernized Ruy Lopez: Volume 1

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Product type: Printed book

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Dariusz Swiercz

A Complete Repertoire For White

Sample pages (pdf)

The first volume of this repertoire for White in the Ruy Lopez includes three parts. The first part is about Black's alternatives to the modern major lines. Even though they are not as frequent as lines covered in subsequent chapters or volumes, it is good to know what to do in less popular variations too.

After all, why study only (say) the Berlin Defence, leaving your opponents able to surprise you with the sharp Schliemann Variation? From a practical point of view, such a line would be very hard to face over the board from both chess and psychological perspectives. Basic knowledge of sidelines is therefore important.

The second part is devoted to the extremely solid Berlin Defence. The amount of theory in this opening has grown exponentially in recent years, as basically all the top players go for it with at least one colour. The author tries to shed some light on this complex line and try to show different ways in which White can try to get an advantage out of the opening.

Finally, in the third part Swiercz discusses the Open Ruy Lopez. Similarly to the Berlin, the theory has developed immensely here in recent years. Again he shows some interesting lines and ideas that challenge Black's opening.

Dariusz Swiercz is a Polish Grandmaster who now plays for the U.S.A. He was World junior Champion in 2011.

Published 2020, softback, 514 pages.

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