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Modernized Philidor Defense

Modernized Philidor Defense

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Product type: Printed book

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Sergio Trigo Urquijo

Sample pages (pdf)

The aim of this book is to provide the reader not only with a complete repertoire for the Philidor Defence, but a repertoire that begins from the very first move (1..d6;) - because White often attempts to avoid entering the vast labyrinth that they perceive when meeting this defence. Black can come up with different move orders that make White dizzy! Almost all of these ways are acceptable and have good statistics in practical chess.

Black may decide to play with ..c6 and ..a5, with ..c6 and ..b6, with ..c6 and ..Qc7, or with ..a6 and ..b6 (which the author recommends) etc. In short, Black has several schemes, and each one is not difficult to learn because they have many lines in common.

The author's hope is that this book will become the main reference on this defence and one that will be of help to players of all levels. He has attempted to create an elaborate repertoire to enable any player to face an opponent of a higher level, without fear and with clear ideas.

He has tried to include new moves and new ideas against practically all of White's weapons, accompanying the explanation of the ideas with concrete moves, to make them easier for the reader to understand.

1..d6 and the Philidor Defense in particular, is far from being the refutation of 1.e4 but there are options for Black that are active, in order to equalize or to achieve very real counterplay. The advantage of playing this defence with Black is that the chances of White finding new ideas are much lower than in other main openings - such as some very critical lines of the Sicilian, for example.

Sergio Trigo Urquijo was born in the Basque Country, Spain in 1989. As a junior he won the Basque Country Championships from u-12 to u-18. He has been a member, as a player and captain, of Sestao Chess Club winning the national Team Championship in 2012, 2013, 2016, 2017 and 2018. He won the silver medal in the Portugal Club Cup in 2015 and played in the European Club Cup in 2014. He has helped several grandmasters, as a second, in tournaments and holds the FIDE Master title.

Published 2021, softback, 410 pages.

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