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Modernized Open Ruy Lopez

Modernized Open Ruy Lopez

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Product type: Printed book

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Milos Pavlovic

Sample pages (pdf)

The Open Defence to the Ruy Lopez (5..Nxe4;) is a practical line as it comes at a very early stage of the opening; White can't avoid it once they have committed to the Ruy Lopez. That is quite a large advantage of the Open Variation compared to, for example, the Marshall Attack, which White has numerous ways to avoid.

Whilst writing this book the author also noticed that many lines are simply underrated from Black's perspective for no clear reason. Black remains very solid and retains the possibility for counterchances.

In the Open Defence Black is much more actively placed compared to other lines in the Ruy Lopez. The entire strategy is about the pawn structure - Black would like to clear the way to play ..c7-c5, while White hopes to really push forward with their f-pawn. Both sides are fundamentally trying to do the same thing - create a strong central pawn structure.

White will try to apply pressure on the d5-pawn from an early stage and can use the d4-square for a knight to create additional pressure. On the other hand Black will utilize the active knight on e4 and can go for ..c5 and ..f6 or ..f5 pawn breaks for additional play in the centre, sometimes using f-file.

We are fortunate to have this interesting and under-analyzed opening at our disposal, just waiting to be reinvestigated!

Grandmaster Milos Pavlovic .was born in Belgrade in 1964 and has won many chess tournaments worldwide including becoming Yugoslav Champion in 2002. A well-known theoretician, he has published many well-received chess books and numereous articles in a variety of chess magazines.

Published 2021, softback, 351 pages.

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