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Modernized King's Indian Defense - Mar del Plata Variation

Modernized King's Indian Defense - Mar del Plata Variation

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Product type: Printed book

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Milos Pavlovic

Sample pages (pdf)

From the author's preface:

I consider the King’s Indian to be one of the last remaining areas of classical chess where engines are not omnipotent over humans. The usual pattern is that engines will always strongly favour White from the beginning of the game, but the entire point of the King’s Indian is to understand the deep nuances in closed positions.

It was Gligoric who managed to devise the perfect setup for simultaneous attack and defense, which completely revolutionized the King's Indian as a whole, not only the Mar del Plata variation. Thanks to that and also to significant theoretical contributions by other legends of the game such as Bronstein and Boleslavsky, and later on Stein, Fischer and Kasparov, the King's Indian was established as one of the key battlegrounds of opening theory right to this day.

The wealth of possibilities for both sides means that a strong understanding of chess is far more important than knowing how an engine evaluates the position. When the game finally opens up and the tactical fireworks erupt, it is essential that your pieces are correctly positioned for it. This intuition only comes after much study and experience.

The Mar Del Plata is probably the single most comprehensive variation of the King's Indian in terms of the volume of possibilities and strategic richness. I believe that study of these positions is essential for all chess players, as the attacking and defensive ideas on display are such a fundamental and universal part of playing chess. Learning how to evaluate and compare the strength of each side's attacking potential is a paramount skill which can be applied all throughout your chess career.

Published 2021, softback, 243 pages.

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