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Modernized King's Indian Defense - Averbakh Variation

Modernized King's Indian Defense - Averbakh Variation

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Product type: Printed book

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Jan Boekelman

Sample pages (pdf)

The Averbakh Variation against the King's Indian Defence features White playing 5.Be2, and 6.Bg5, to clamp down on Black's kingside attacking plans.

The system aims to keep White's position completely under control - it is positional in nature and stays away from dark and murky waters or messy tactical situations. It bears the hallmark of strong grandmasters and has stood the test of time. This book examines the Averbakh with a repertoire for White and an in-depth analysis of all of Black's responses.

Soviet Grandmaster Yuri Averbakh was one of the first grandmasters to play this variation regularly, in the 1950s. He contributed greatly to the development of it's theory. The Averbakh Variation represents a shift in White's approach to the fight against the King's Indian Defence (KID). Rather than focusing solely on the queenside while accepting a certain danger of being checkmated on the other side of the board, as happens in many lines of the KID, White uses a strategy of positional control, in which he opposes the KID in a calm, positional way.

White's development schedule follows strategic logic. In the following parts of the game, White generally retains his first move advantage, in positions where he retains control.

Published 2021, softback, 243 pages.

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