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Modernized Delayed Benoni

Modernized Delayed Benoni

Ref: t1065

Product type: Printed book

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Ivan Ivanisevic

Sample pages (pdf)

The Delayed Benoni (1.d4 Nf6; 2.c4 c5; 3.d5 g6;) is an interesting, and perhaps less risky, alternative to the Modern Benoni whilst being less commital than the Czech Benoni or Benko Gambit.

From the author:
"My aim in this book is to show that the Delayed Benoni is equally as attractive as its cousin, the Modern Benoni. For some reason - perhaps because "Modern" sounds more exciting than "Delayed"? - my favorite Benoni has been neglected for years, receiving scant coverage in chess publications.

The advantage of "our" Benoni is based on a waiting approach. Black would like to choose a perfect moment to play ..e6xd5, waiting for White to adopt some piece setup that turns out to be inconvenient for him after this exchange. At the same time, we would like to avoid some dangerous or deeply explored variations like the Flick-Knife (a.k.a Taimanov) or systems where White can place his bishop on the optimal f4-square.

A lot of variations in this book can also be useful for King's Indian players, as a main or alternative way to play. My own journey in the world of the Delayed Benoni started when I was a King's Indian kind of guy!"

Published 2019, softback, 240 pages.

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