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Modernized: The Modern Benoni

Modernized: The Modern Benoni

Ref: t0104

Product type: Printed book

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Alexey Kovalchuk

Sample pages (pdf)

This book focuses on the latest ideas for Black in the Modern Benoni (1.d4,Nf6; 2.c4,c5;), a combative defence where both players must live on a knife-edge.

In eleven chapters Kovalchuk shows how to meet all White's setups, including the Knight's Tour, the f4 attack, Bg5 lines, Bf4 lines and the classical and modern main lines. He also devotes a chapter to Anti-Benoni systems, where White does not advance his d-pawn to d5.

Alexey Kovalchuk is a Russian player whose rating reached 2445 in recent years, so he can be considered an "IM without the norms". In addition to winning the Rostov Championship and numerous other tournaments, he is a theoretician who works as a second for strong Grandmasters.

Published 2020, softback, 280 pages.

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