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Modern Chess Planning

Modern Chess Planning

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Product type: Printed book

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Efstratios Grivas

In this series of 75 tests, based on the author's and other grandmasters' games the reader is given the opening moves of each game, followed by a diagrammed position, and invited to choose, from three tempting plans, how they would continue if confronted with that position. Detailed solutions with the rest of the moves in the game and the pros and cons of each alternative plan are given at the end of the book. The tests are of varying difficulty and the book is aimed at players rated between ELO 1500-2200 (ECF 115-200). Being forced to think about unfamiliar positions in the way this book encourages is an excellent way of improving one's analytical powers and concentration.

Grandmaster Efstratios Grivas lives in Athens and has represented his country on a great many occasions, winning an individual gold medal at the 1989 European Team Championship and an individual silver medal at the 1998 Olympiad.

Published 2007, softback, 143 pages.
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