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Mikhail Tal - Tactical Genius

Mikhail Tal - Tactical Genius

Ref: p4365

Product type: Printed book

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Alexander Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik

Mikhail Tal was the 8th World Champion and at the time the youngest Champion ever. His play attracted many admirers because of his willingness to take risks, sacrifice pieces and aim to create beautiful games rather than dry technical victories.

This is essentially a puzzle book based on positions from Tal's games with 163 diagrammed puzzles for the reader to solve with hints and solutions provided. Eight chapters provide a brief biography of Tal and introduce his play with several annotated, illustrative games. Each chapter concludes with a series of test positions which increase in complexity as you progress through the book. There is no better way to appreciate the complexity of Tal's play than by trying to emulate it by solving the puzzles here.

The authors are both Russian masters and successful chess authors.

Published 2004, softback, 160 pages.

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