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Mayhem In The Morra!

Mayhem In The Morra!

Ref: q8220

Product type: Printed book

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Marc Esserman

Sample pages (pdf)

Mayhem in the Morra offers a complete fighting repertoire for White against the Sicilian with 1.e4,c5; 2.d4,cxd4; 3.c3. The Morra Gambit is a popular weapon at club level, but can it be effective at Grandmaster level? Marc Esserman believes so and he has 2700-rated scalps to back up his view.

Esserman is the world's leading expert on the Morra Gambit and he shares all his secrets and many novelties in a lively witty style. The Morra leads to exciting gambit play, so some players decline the offer with 3...Nf6 - Esserman also shows how White can attack this cautious defence.

Don't be afraid of the Sicilian - unleash Mayhem in the Morra!

* A complete anti-Sicilian repertoire
* Ideal for attacking players
* Hundreds of novelties and improvements

Marc Esserman is an International Master from the USA who has played and analysed the Morra Gambit for most of his life.

Published 2012, softback, 360 pages.

Our Price:19.99

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