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Matches 1926

Matches 1926

Ref: c4434

Product type: Printed book

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A J Gillam (Ed) + 10 other contributors

Rare and Unpublished Tournaments and Matches: No. 137

This collection of the available games from matches played in 1926, includes:

Ed. Lasker v R.Romero, Cuba; 3 of 6 games
Metropolitan League, New York; 11 games
R Grau v D Reca, 6th Argentinian Championship; all 8 games
Brinckmann v Wagner, Flensburg; 4 of 6 games
Brinckmann v Wagner, Kiel; 7 of 8 games
Germany v Switzerland; 7 of 18 games
Germany v Austria, Dresden; 7 of 16 games
Austria v Germany, Vienna; all 12 games
Wagner v Rodatz, Hamburg; 2 of 4 games
Von Holzhausen v Wagner, Hamburg; 1 of 2 games
Euwe v Davidson, Amsterdam; all 5 games
Antwerp v Rotterdam, Antwerp; all 12 games
Loman v Fontein, The Hague; all 4 games
Mens Olympiad, Budapest; 8 of 24 games
Amsterdam v Bremen, Groningen; all 8 games
Stockholm v Leningrad, Leningrad; 19 of 24 games
Winter v Romi, Paris; 3 of 10 games
Stockholm v Olso v Copenhagen; all 6 games
Argentina v Chile, telegraph; both games
Goteborg v Hamburg; by radio; both games
G Stoltz v A.Olson, Sweden; 1 of 8 games

About half of the 182 collected games include annotations and/or diagrams. With contents pages and index of openings.

Published 2022, softback, stapled binding with plastic dustcover, 76 pages.

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