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Mastering the Chess Openings: Volumes 1-4

Mastering the Chess Openings: Volumes 1-4

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Product type: Printed book

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John Watson

All 4 volumes of John Watson's classic "Mastering the Chess Openings" series. The series provides comprehensive coverage of e-pawn, d-pawn and flank openings with an emphasis on explanation of the underlying ideas and strategies behind each opening system and the various plans available to each side.

International Master John Watson is one of the world's most respected writers on chess. In 1999, his Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy won 'Chess Book of the Year' awards in the USA and the UK. As a trainer, he has worked with many talented pupils, including Tal Shaked and Hikaru Nakamura.

Volume 1: Published 2006, softback, 335 pages.
Volume 2: Published 2007, softback, 319 pages.
Volume 3: Published 2008, softback, 351 pages.
Volume 4: Published 2010, softback, 319 pages.

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Our Price:60.00

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