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Mastering Typical Rook Endgames

Mastering Typical Rook Endgames

Ref: c9307

Product type: Printed book

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Adrian Mikhalchishin

Sample pages (pdf)

This book is volume 7 of a series of eight, FIDE approved, endgame books. FIDE Senior Trainer Adrian Mikhalchishin, FIDE Senior Trainer Efstratios Grivas and IGM Csaba Balogh combine their experience as trainers and as practical players to create something very special.

This book discusses typical rook endgame positions - which means positions that frequently appear in practical play. Knowledge of such positions and the methods of handling them is a key element of correct play in rook endgames.

The authors aim for very understandable explanations of every endgame position in each book.
The specification:
* 1st book: Queen and pawn endgames.
* 2-3: Minor piece endgames (bishop and knight endgames).
* 4-5: These will feature the fight between different material constellations.
* 6-8: These books are going to focus on the most common endgames,
which are of course rook endings.

The main concept of each book is to provide theoretical knowledge which can be used in practical games. It means the focus of the books will be on positions which are the most likely to occur - and the practical playing of them.

That’s why you will firstly meet the theoretical part, and secondly the practical examples of how games actually continued in a particular endgame.

Published 2018, softback, 333 pages.

Please note the book contains a small mistake in the printing: The title on the cover is "Mastering Typical Rook Endgames", but on the title page of the book, it is written as "Mastering Practical Rook Endgames", while in the header of the even numbered pages it is shown as "Mastering Basic Rook Endgames"
Because of this aesthetic mistake, the price is reduced from from the usual £21.99 to £18.99.

Our Price:19.99

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