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Magic Tactics Of Mikhail Tal

Magic Tactics Of Mikhail Tal

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Karsten Muller & Raymund Stolze

Mikhail Tal was one of the greatest geniuses of chess history. The "Magician from Riga", as he was known, because of his dazzling attacking games, took the chess world by storm and in 1960, at the age of twenty-three, he won the world championship.

Tal's desire to play beautiful chess and to plunge into incalculable complications, against opponents of any standard, has ensured that his popularity lives on, even after his early death in 1992.

With this book Karsten Muller and Raymund Stolze have created both an instructional chess tactics guide and an intimate portrait of Tal, with contributions by some of those who knew and played against him. The authors have selected from Tal's games one hundred exercises which will teach amateurs how they can include stunning sacrifices in their own games.

The four main sections of the book "Warm up", "Correct Sacrifices", "Speculative Sacrifices" and "The Correct Way to Defend Against the Magician" feature some of Tal's most interesting, notorious and best games, with test questions at crucial stages of the games. Interviews with many of Tal's contemporaries allow them to give their give their impressions of Tal as a person and tell the story of their games against him from their own perspective.

As a special feature prominent grandmasters like Spassky, Yusupov and Kramnik describe their personal impressions of Tal.

This immensely readable and entertaining work is easily the best book about Tal since his own "Life and Games of Mikhail Tal", published in the 1970s.

Published 2012, softback, 332 pages.
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