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Looking for Trouble (2nd Edition)

Looking for Trouble (2nd Edition)

Ref: r9085

Product type: Printed book

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Dan Heisman

Revised and enlarged second edition.

This book is about learning to identify and react to tactical threats. Most games at beginner and intermediate level are lost because one player misses a direct threat and yet this is an area of the game which is under represented in other coaching books.

Author Dan Heisman provides over 200 problems in which you have to identify a tactical threat and work out the best response. These are at varying levels of difficulty from beginner to strong club player and separated into chapters on opening, middlegame and endgame threats. Throughout the book Heisman offers sound, practical advice on various aspects of the game in amongst the solutions to the problems.

This is the sort of book that can be read for entertainment as well as instruction and in most cases you wouldn't need a chess set to work through the problems.

Published 2013 (original 2003), softback, 192 pages.


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