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London 1876, St Petersburg 1876, St Petersburg 1877

London 1876, St Petersburg 1876, St Petersburg 1877

Ref: c3492

Product type: Printed book

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A J Gillam (Ed)

This book includes all the available games from the Divan Tournament (London 1876) with Blackburne, Zukertort, Potter, Macdonnell, Minchin J., Janssens, Wisker and Martin; all 5 games from 2 small knockout tournaments from St Petersburg 1876 with Chigorin, Schiffers, Shumov, Ascharin; 13 of the 14 games from St Petersburg 1877 with Chigorin, Schiffers, Aschurin, Clementz and Alapin; lots of annotations and comment. Translations from Russian by Tomasz Lissowski. 43 diagrams.

Published 2012, softback, stapled booklet with plastic jacket, 64 pages.


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