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International deliveries are available, by tracked mail only, to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a limited number of EU destinations.
EU customers may have to pay customs duty and VAT before delivery - please check locally.
International deliveries may take longer than usual due to Covid-19 and Brexit delays and the large volumes of mail being handled by couriers.

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Chess Playing Sites
Expert Chess Strategies Chess is a very complex game with vast possibilities. To learn how to play chess properly you need to learn chess strategies, chess tactics and chess openings.

Everybody can learn chess. It is not only for smart people. Read the articles on this site and you will get better for sure.
Free Chess on ChessZone.org. Download annotated chess games, free books and chess software for free.
Chess Problems & Endgame Studies
BDS Website
from Brian Stephenson
Chess Coaching
Laws of Chess
Chess Openings
Chess Art, Reviews & Other Stuff
Anna Harding: Artist & Illustrator
Anna Harding: Artist & Illustrator
I am a UK-based artist and designer, with a varied career in the arts, design and communications. Themes running through my recent projects include the game of chess and (separately) chinoisery.
Chess Museum
A collection of examples, links, advice, opinions and facts referring to chess paraphernalia, principally chess sets, chess boards and chess clocks.
Kadampa Buddhist Centre Sheffield
Relax and Unwind - before a hard game! Meditate in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.
Marsh Towers Chess Book Reviews & Other Stuff
Marsh Towers features reviews of books, shows and events together with sundry musings.
ChessBase - Chess software publisher
Gambit Books - Dedicated to high quality chess publishing
Tony Peterson - Secondhand, rare & out-of-print chess books
Barnsley Business Centres Rent business space in Barnsley

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