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International deliveries are available, by tracked mail only, to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand a limited number of EU destinations.
EU customers will be required to pay customs duty and import VAT before delivery - at the rate applicable in their destination country.

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Chess Federations/Clubs/Associations
Chess Problems & Endgame Studies
BDS Website
from Brian Stephenson
Chess Coaching
Laws of Chess
Chess Openings
Chess Art, Reviews & Other Stuff
Anna Harding: Artist & Illustrator
Anna Harding: Artist & Illustrator
I am a UK-based artist and designer, with a varied career in the arts, design and communications. Themes running through my recent projects include the game of chess and (separately) chinoisery.
Chess Museum
A collection of examples, links, advice, opinions and facts referring to chess paraphernalia, principally chess sets, chess boards and chess clocks.
Kadampa Meditation Centre Sheffield
Relax and Unwind - before or after a hard game! Meditate in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.
Marsh Towers Chess Book Reviews & Other Stuff
Marsh Towers features reviews of books, shows and events together with sundry musings.
ChessBase - Chess software publisher
Gambit Books - Dedicated to high quality chess publishing
Tony Peterson - Secondhand, rare & out-of-print chess books
Barnsley Business Centres Rent business space in Barnsley

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