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Learn The White Lion - (A Slow Poison) in 1 Hour (video download)

Learn The White Lion - (A Slow Poison) in 1 Hour (video download)

Ref: DVF189D

Product type: Video download

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A White Repertoire for the Tournament Player with Andrew Martin
The White Lion is the reverse of the Black Lion or Philidor (which starts out 1..d6 2..c6 3..Nf6), with the benefit of an extra move.
The White Lion reverses that with 1.c3 2.d3 & 3.Nf3. The first 3 moves are flexible and can be in any order, e.g. 1.Nf3 2.d3 3.c3. This will add to Black's confusion when meeting this is very solid opening. Easy to learn, hard to lose - even playing against a computer. Try it!

* IM Andrew Martin includes a great game where a 2700 rated player who loses to a player who was rated 500 rating points lower.
* Ten instructive games that offer White the option of castling on either side of the board, or just keeping the king safely in the centre.
* Also included: a very instructional endgame how a knight beats a bishop even with pawns on both sides of the board and how to win an opposite colour bishop endgame.

The White Lion is rather unconventional. White plays almost without theory, avoiding sharp, tactical lines and turns the game into a battle of patience and will power. Depending on your style of play White has two choices: a quicker, aggressive setup as well as the slower, positional one. Both these choices will leave your opponent out of the book.

Busy people don't have an enormous amount of time to study chess theory. It would be great if it was possible to get a decent position, especially with White, without having to burn the midnight oil. That is what this all-new Foxy Openings video offers. White forces the opponent to think for themself right from the start. This is where a lot of average players will start to feel very uncomfortable.

Move out of the book and into your book. Use the slow, poisonous approach to win more games with The White Lion.

Published 2020. Video running time: 80 minutes.

Our Price:15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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