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Learn Chess in 1 Hour (video download)

Learn Chess in 1 Hour (video download)

Ref: DVF166D

Product type: Video download

In stock

Video download info
Please note: you cease to have the right to cancel an order for digital video content once you have downloaded the video material. Orders for video downloads are accepted on this basis.

Once you order and pay for the video download the manufacturer will email you a link to the download file, usually same day or next day, (Monday to Friday) depending on when your order is placed.
Files are generally in mp4 video format, or zipped mp4 (.zip) and can be played on a PC or other device with suitable media player such as Windows Media Player.

Andrew Martin

On this video IM Andrew Martin teaches beginners basic knowledge, including
* Piece movement and values
* Piece capturing
* Check and Basic Checkmates
* Stalemate
* Castling
* Tactics
* How to play the opening and how to play a chess game.

All the basic knowledge needed to learn and play the game of chess

Also includes Master Chess 8000
Master Chess 8000 - Multi-Chess Engine Interface pre loaded with several strong engines
* Add any UCI Engine
* Contains 2 million games,
* Animate, Analyze, Annotate, Print Games,
* GM Statistical Tree,
* Search for games, by names,ECO, move order & results,
* Import & Export PGN
* Large Screen graphics ideal for large monitors and multiple colored boards

Published 2016. Video running time 70 minutes approx.

Our Price:15.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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