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Learn Chess Tactics

Learn Chess Tactics

Ref: g8398

Product type: Printed book

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John Nunn

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This introduction to basic tactics adopts a practical approach with a varying number of test positions for the reader to solve in each chapter and not too much theoretical waffle. The format of each chapter involves a brief discussion of the tactical idea followed by a few examples from tournament games and then the test positions for the reader. The examples and positions used here are almost all from post 1990 games and so should be new to most readers.

Chapters one to five introduce the basics such as the fork, skewer, pin, discovered attack and deflection whilst following chapters cover more advanced ideas including pawn promotion, removing the guard, back rank mate, trapped piece and opening & closing lines. Contains fourteen chapters in all and over three hundred test positions with solutions at the back.

GM John Nunn is a world renowned author who has won medals for England in several chess olympiads.

Published 2004, softback, 160 pages.

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