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Lasker's Chess Magazine Vol VIII-IX (1908-9)

Lasker's Chess Magazine Vol VIII-IX (1908-9)

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Product type: Printed book

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Emanuel Lasker (Ed)

"Quaintly sub-titled ""a monthly record of chess science and chess doings"", this magazine was a lively and chatty chronicle of chess in the early part of this century. There is in/depth coverage of the great Prague 1908 tournament (won by Duras and Schlechter), with performance assessments of all the competitors. Lasker's peregrination through Europe then moves on to Duesseldorf and his long-awaited showdown with Tarrasch (which, from the fifth game onward, moved to Munich).

The magazine does not eschew giving results of the humblest regional and club competitions, making it a tremendous source for the historian. There is also a fascinating nine-page article on Howard Staunton by H.J.R. Murray, originally published in British Chess Magazine. (Reviewed by BCM)"

Facsimile reprint in English descriptive notation (1.P-K4 etc.)

Published 1999, hardback, descriptive notation, 288 pages.

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