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Lasker's Chess Magazine Vol V (1906-7)

Lasker's Chess Magazine Vol V (1906-7)

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Emanuel Lasker (Ed)

"The latest stoutly-bound reprint of Lasker's journal contains the usual entertaining pot-pourri of annotated games, chess-related fiction, and reports from around the world. Thus, while Lasker defeats Frank Marshall in a title match, and rails against some organizers who hoard game scores and charge for their publication, at the Shanghai Chess Club the colonial players pride themselves on their enlightened approach: ""We are a very democratic assembly. No race or class distinctions are permitted - hence the ladies hold aloof. Moreover they can't play, so it doesn't matter much.""

Another sign of the times is shown in the penchant for invention in this case the less-than-serious illustrated plans for ""The Chess See-Saw"" from January 1907. Moving on from the reasonable theorem that ""Chess clocks are pivoted. Why not pivot the players also? A series of platforms and ropes elevate the players high above the board after each move, thus ensuring that ""the player engaged ion his move is not hindered by the smoking, fidgeting coughing chuckling, snoring or whistling of his opponent."" No doubt FIDE are currently considering a digital version for the new millenium. (Reviewed by BCM)"

Facsimile reprint in English descriptive notation (1.P-K4 etc.)

Published 1998, hardback, descriptive notation, 288 pages.

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