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Knight On The Left: 1.Nc3

Knight On The Left: 1.Nc3

Ref: k9229

Product type: Printed book

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Harald Keilhack

Sample pages (pdf)

An extensive analysis of the Van Geet Opening 1.Nc3 with an exploration of all the major variations via 99 thoroughly annotated games. The author avoids recommending moves which transpose into well known openings and concentrates instead on lines of play with independent significance, including several off-beat lines against semi-open defences like the Alekhine, French and Caro-Kann.

I. 1.Nc3, e5;
II. The Van Geet Attack: 1.Nc3,d5; 2.e4,d4; 3.Nce2,
III. 1.Nc3,d5; 2.e4,dxe4; 3.Nxe4,
IV. The False Semi Open Games (1.Nc3,d5; 2.e4,c6/e6/Nf6;
V. Against the Sicilian 1.Nc3,c5;
VI. Alternative Systems,
VII. Various Defences.

FM Harald Keilhack explains the basic structures of the opening which supply huge scope for creativity. There is also a broad discussion of move order subtleties and transposition issues. Playing 1.Nc3 is an excellent way to get off the beaten path of opening theory.

Published 2005, hardback, 383 pages.

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